Personalised coaching for those who aspire to enter or further their IT careers in the innovation generation. Our passion is seeing you succeed.

Welcome to the First Rung

The 'First Rung' is a coaching program for those who want to accelerate their entry into the IT workforce and their careers. The program can be taken by those who want to be interview ready and increase their employability to enter the workforce, or those who have just entered the workforce and want to increase their skills and productivity to accelerate their careers.

“Recently, one of our students was one of 40 graduates chosen from 700 interviewed from 4000 applicants!”

The ‘First Rung’ coaching program has been utilised by participants over the past four years. It began through informal requests to us, to tap into our extensive 25+ years experience across the full spectrum of IT and the industry. For those who entered the workforce either during or at the end of their course, the program increased their employability. For those who had started in the workforce, but not in a structured program, it enhanced their careers and networks. The skills in this program are aligned to the ‘Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)’.

We have recently formalised this program to enable others to participate.

Who is it for ...

The coaching program contains the fundamental elements for roles such as:

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Change Analyst
  • Information Consultant
  • Test Analyst
  • IT Project Coordinator/Support

Working with this program will enable you to ...

  • Have access to world class expertise to help you develop the skills so you can confidently enter the IT workforce
  • Our coaches include Cecily , John , Jill and Ian , who all have 25 years' experience across the full spectrum of IT
  • Understand how to apply best practice techniques
  • Enhance your ability to gain entry to positions in the IT industry that otherwise may not be accessible
  • Expand your networks and build strong relationships with others who have gone before you

"We help our participants build their opportunities by providing the foundational skills that are expected in the industry. Our passion is seeing you succeed."

Program Outline

We focus on the following competencies. Each competency includes ten key areas to increase your skills for employability and productivity:

  • Critical Business Analysis and Systems Integration
    • Essential Business Analysis with a focus on Stakeholders, Problems, Requirements, Functions, Processes and Techniques

Program Details

The program comprises:

Interactive weekly x one hour coaching sessions

Each week learning new tools and techniques

Each week constructing purposeful samples to build your own 'IT survival kit' to leverage Day 1

Adaptive and flexible sessions to prepare you for the work environment

Coaching times and locations are flexible

Note: Regional participants may elect to have a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions

"It was the best boost to my career"


“The Program enabled me to take a far more practical and consolidated view on IT project delivery, as well as the impact scale of business logic and workflow on IT projects. Understanding each stage of a project and how it can be affected by different stakeholders is vital to consulting, and you just can't get that at university.

Moving from freelance web development to an IT consulting firm would not have been possible for me without the program. University just didn't teach me the practical or theoretical knowledge that employers wanted me to know, but the bridging program did. What you're taught in the program ends up simply being second nature, knowledge and techniques applicable day-in, day-out.

There were so many moments during that program that I felt like everything just clicked, though learning about the many ways that projects can be lead astray really just hammered

home the pattern of unclear communication channels and poor success rates. It was really the difference between knowing a concept and fully realising it.

Following my completion of the program, I had several job interviews. Each was a new chance to try out different skills and techniques that I had learned, helping me communicate my own skills and what I was searching for within a position. The program helped me turn interviews into conversations, something I never thought would be possible for me.

The program has increased my understanding of the IT project life-cycle and what is expected at each step, allowing me to go into a job already grasping many of the intricacies around project delivery. This has not only helped me to be more successful than I would have been, but it has helped me be far more comfortable and confident in what I am doing.”

- Duncan – now Graduate IT and Communications Consultant Commercial

“This program helped me prepare a tool set that helped me each day in my placement. It accelerated my growth in IT services.

Highly complex IT Delivery practices were explained in simplest ways which no book could have done, the techniques and skills you can use in the workforce.

It prepared me with the tools for the following week at placement relevant to the current environment.

I got to work with various business stakeholders, improved my communication and interpersonal skills.

The exercises allowed the learner to practice what they learnt, with practical examples.”

- Sarthak Desai – now Technical Services Analyst and followed

“This program will open insights to other techniques and will teach you how to sharpen your existing skills to make your career a more successful one.

It has been a great experience in broadening my understanding of IT Delivery, the techniques and skills you can use in the workforce.

It prepared me for what I was next asked for, with relevance to current environment. It has strengthened my communication and interpersonal skills with all levels of stakeholders.

The program enhanced my approaches relevant to my field.”

- Li Ying - Service Support Analyst Government – now Business Analyst Commercial

Do you want to get on the 'First Rung'?

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